Preventative measures against COVID 19


Following the new measures adopted by the government to avoid the contagion from Covid-19, we are equipped and organized to guarantee our clients a relaxed and peaceful holiday.

In our establishment, you will find the necessary guidelines and signs to behave correctly.

Besides, we inform you that:
• We recommend you to check your body temperature, which should not exceed 37.5 º C, before travelling; once in the establishment, we will measure it again to ensure that it does not exceed this threshold.

• We streamlined the check-in and registration procedures to avoid queues and waiting at the reception with dedicated staff. A registration procedure will be set up for all our clients at the beach establishment (at the beach, in the pool, at the restaurant, in the garden, and common areas). When you reserve, we will ask you to fill in our guest list and update it. The list will be kept for two weeks.

• All surfaces for common use such as pool and garden furniture, toilets, public showers will be sanitized periodically throughout the day; the tables of the bar-restaurant will be sanitized after being used, while all the beach furniture and private cabins will be sanitized every day in the morning before opening. We ask you to communicate any further sanitization needs where necessary.

• Gel dispensers will be placed and we urge you to use them often, as well as you will need to wear masks where you can not maintain the distance of at least one meter between you and other customers.

• The restaurant will be opened from 12:30. The area will be delimited with ribbed; the entrance and exit will be shown. Clients can enter only with their masks on, to protect other customers and set tables. Once at the table, clients can put their masks off. We recommend you reserve a table.

• Access to the pool is guaranteed to one person every two square meters. Updated instructions can be found on our regulations at the pool entrance.

• We remind our clients that our beach towels are washed and sanitized every day in a local laundry. You will find your towels inside the beach tent’s desk, inside plastic bags. You will decide whether to open the bag or not. If you would like to have the towels sanitized, you can leave them in the beach tent and inform us.