The Beach

the bathing huts, the pool and our services

Bagno Grazia is the typical Versilia beach club.

The beach is equipped with wood tents, displayed on four lines apart from one another. Two walkways allow you to arrive easily at the tents and at the seaside.

Two stuffed beach mattresses; two deckchairs; a director’s chair are located under each tent, together with a desk with a lock, inside of which towels (used to cover the tent equipment during your stay) are put.

You will have free access to the sandy shore, since early morning. Our staff will welcome you while tidying up the place traditionally using rakes.

The Beach  bagno grazia marina di pietrasanta, versilia

All-inclusive services

The club has a large private car park, with blind areas; free WIFI all over the beach, security lockers with battery charger for tablets and cell phones; baby changing units, hairdryers, wellness programs with air bubble and heated seawater massages; two pedalòs, a (free-use) canoe, ping-pong table and a playground for kids on the shoreline.

Hot and cold beach showers are located on the beach, in the garden, and by the pool.

Lastly, at the seaside, you will find comfortable chaise-longues on which you can get brown and wood garden seats on which you can enjoy the sea or watch your kids.

The Beach  Bagno Grazia, Versilia

The pool overlooking the sea is placed between the two bathing huts’ lines. It has a stone and wood solarium, where you can relax on beach mattresses and canopies.

It is filled with warm seawater and it has a cervical waterfall; an airbed; geyser; a hybrid massage station – perfect for your wellness program.

The Beach  Bagno Grazia, Versilia

You can read or drink with your friends under the Tamarisks of our relax area, immersed in lavender, rosemary, and myrtle flowerbed.

Inside our club, our guest will find typical beach huts with hot shower and toilet, to suit all your needs.

Hairdryers and baby changing units are located in shady areas. In addition, you can leave your bikes and car in our large car park.

bagno grazia marina di pietrasanta, versilia